The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus appears to be having a heavy toll on Ghanaian business with hotels being the hardest hit.

Already government has placed a ban on international conferences in a bid to prevent the virus from getting into Ghana from other countries.

Citi Businesses News checks with hoteliers in the country have revealed that their revenue has dropped significantly due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus especially with the cancellation of Conferences.

The situation has resulted in some closing their shuttle services for tourist, while others have put some projects that they are executing with regards to promotion of domestic tourism on hold.

Economists fear before the Ebola crises ends many economies in Africa including Ghana will feel the brunt of the virus. Ghana’s hotel industry is not the only sector that has been significantly hit by the virus.

Its aviation industry has also suffered some decline in traffic due to the virus. The Ebola scare has led to a number of airlines halting operations in affected countries affecting traffic from those countries to Ghana.

Early on government indicated it may consider banning flights from Ebola affected countries should they suspect anyone travelling into Ghana has the virus.

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